our approach

Our work ethos is guided by a few core principles. These principles are the foundation pillars of how we operate, how we approach every enquiry, and in our methodology for every project. They are the source of our ability to develop opportunities and successful outcomes.



Integrity is important when doing business anywhere in the world and it is particularly relevant for the Middle East and Africa. The credibility of relationships and our network are paramount to any approach, dealing or introduction. We value relationships and build rapport with transparency. We respond to all credible enquiries and offer our services on a case by case basis. We do not communicate through third parties or interlocutors. We only communicate directly and through solicited recognized channels.


We wish to promote our client’s interests, not our self-interests. We are discreet, direct and hands-on with our communication approach. We do not publicly share our client’s names or use them for marketing purposes. We consider such marketing tactics to be counter-productive to the client’s interests as well as our own.

The more recognized the organization, the more discreet we become. People come to us for matters to do with their business and may not wish others to know they are seeking such assistance. Similarly, we do not expose or share information on the profiles of our relations without consent.


Knowledge is power and information is access. We start every relationship with trying to understand the dynamics of a client’s operating world. Without delving into sensitive details, we conduct research and request information to learn about the client’s ecosystem, before suggesting any solution or response.

More often than not, we prefer to develop the client relationship over time, allowing new ideas and opportunities to present themselves through better information and awareness. Time does not change, time reveals.


We treat our clients as partners, and consider ourselves as stakeholders of their success. We assess the deliverables of an assignment or project based on the current and future benefit to the client. We seek to add value before adding costs. Innovate rather than imitate.

We view every project or assignment in terms of what it can potentially achieve or realize for a client over the short, medium and long term, even though an assignment may only be short term.


One of the most common recurring issues when doing business in the Middle East and Africa region is the mismatch of expectations and deliverables. Simply put, if we do not believe we can deliver on an expectation, we will not commit to such an outcome. And if we know we can over deliver on the expectation, we like to surprise our clients with such a performance.